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Alex Kambro founder of SLVK Canada launches a new Football (Soccer) agency in Guinea in the coming months

Onyx sport management, this new agency, which is particularly important in Guinea, in addition to obtaining contracts, its function will be to obtain contacts, assess the athlete's situation and then define the objectives from the start. This agency will then have for mission to find them clubs corresponding to them within the framework of a transfer or a loan, management of images (contracts, advertisements, sponsor, equipment manufacturer...) a career plan particularized according to your qualities, your wants and needs.

The value of Alex Kambro's agency located in Guinea will allow its passionate players to enhance their sporting skills, increase their income, but mainly advise in the management of their wealth.

This will help the development of the Sports market, of course financial security for the players but in addition to guarantee security for families as well as for investors at Onix Sport management and also to realize the dream of many Football (Soccer) players. and which will allow them to develop a stable and growing career by achieving their career goals.

Onyx sport management takes on a real role of managerial advisor in all contracts, thus relieving players of administrative constraints.