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Discover This Interview On The Career Of Alex Kambro BANGOURA



In this new interview, learn more about the career of Alex Kambro BANGOURA, this serial entrepreneur who undertook the creations of a new popular brand during the time of the pandemic.

First of all, how are you and your family in these COVID-19 times?

” I am doing very well and my family too thank you for asking. ”


Tell us about yourself, your career, how you founded your businesses?

” My name is Kambro BANGOURA Alex, I am 30 years old married, dad of a little 8 month old boy, and Quebec entrepreneur.

I have most of my experience in telemarketing and retail. Basically everything related to sales and marketing, recruiting, training, monitoring and team management.  I have a Bac in Social Sciences at the secondary school of October 2 in Conakry in Guinea, a Bac + 3 level in LEA (Applied Foreign Language) at Dakar Bourguiba University in Senegal and also holder of a DEP in sales and consulting at  EMICA Montreal.

I just started my businesses after being fed up.  With all my experience gained over the years and having been involved in a lot of projects and business creation especially friends, I finally decided to take the plunge and go into business after several hesitations and everything.  So I decided to quit my job as Branch Manager at Couche late to start my own business knowing that the 1st year will be complicated and everything…

After a long SLVK preparation my clothing brand (street and sportswear) saw  the day in Summer 2020 and so I was able to develop my store Street Life VK. And will follow soon, which will be more of the CBD affiliation but also the sale and promotion of weed products and accessories to consumers. ”

How is your business innovating?

“ I was keen to do something that looks like me and speaks to me, something in which I will find my identity, my urban style.  This is how I came up with the idea of ​​developing SLVK, a typical urban style clothing brand that reflects me but also my surroundings MONTREAL, Quebec.  I had to create a 100% Canadian product made by a young Montrealer, which as a whole pleases and makes you dream.  Products from Canada are highly prized overseas and viewed very favorably, so I have gone all out on product quality and reliability for increased satisfaction. ”

How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting your business finances?

” Like any business today, we are almost all faced with cash flow concerns that force some to close temporarily or permanently.  SLVK is not to be outdone, especially since it is a new company that is starting up, I can assure you that we are hitting the ground running and taking full advantage.  Nonetheless, we are trying somehow to keep our heads above water despite the fact that SLVK does not receive any government subsidies unlike others. ”

Have you had to make tough choices in terms of human resources and what are the lessons learned?

” Like any new company that starts, it is eager to recruit staff and dispatcher the workload.  At the moment SLVK cannot afford it due to budgetary restrictions, but remains hopeful for the future hoping that things will work out until then to allow them to grow again and again.  This crisis will have allowed SLVK not to give up in the face of difficulties, even with a difficult start and a whole lot of hassle on a daily basis, we will not give up and we will do what it takes to survive. ”

How has your customer relationship management evolved?  Are you using specific tools to be effective?

“ The effectiveness of a company comes down to its ability to adapt to any situation and do well, and SLVK is doing it right now.  The e-mailing, text messaging and DMs of our networks remain open 24 hours a day, which allows our customers to stay in permanent contact with us and thus we can respond to all their concerns.  And I can assure you that it makes the difference for them.  In addition Teleworking has taken on a preponderant importance in our lives and it is felt in the lives of customers.  They really realize the efforts that are made on a daily basis in the back office to ensure fast and efficient delivery and optimal service as in normal times.  Moreover, they let us know in their return with beautiful messages of thanks and encouragement, also in the face of the current situation. ”

Have you received government grants and have they helped keep your business afloat?

“ For now SLVK has not received any government subsidy and no loan from any local bank.  I finance SLVK on my own, that is to say my savings and a little help from my wife.  However, we are not ruling out the idea of ​​resorting to government aid soon to help us develop more activity. ”

 Your final thoughts

” Can’t wait for things to resume as they were before because SLVK is hungry and wants to grow even more and create jobs around it from near or far, but above all to continue to offer a 100% Canadian product made in Canada  for its customers from here and elsewhere.  This is our daily goal and ultimately increased customer satisfaction around the world. ”